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Monday, August 27, 2012
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S1000RR Hits the Ice.

The team at MAX BMW have never been ones to let something as insignificant as say, winter, get in the way of having a good time on two wheels. After test riding the S1000RR in South Florida a couple of weeks ago, we decided to set one up for our favorite track this time of year.

See the MAD MAX Machine in the NH Showroom, or come in to either store to see a more street-worthy version!

Liz Majors Memorial Page PDF Print


 Member comment on ITW article by Jeff Burns, May 2010


From: Terry Schuyler
Sent: Saturday, May 01, 2010 2:16 PM
To: Cathy Catrell
Subject: Re: 2010 May BMWMCC In The Wind Newsletter


I want to offer my compliments on the story by Jeff Burns, Starting Over.  I thought it was well written and captured the essence of the whole episode we have been following for some time.  I have only been in the club for more than a year, and live in Fort Collins.  Most of the rides and events are down south so I do not get to frequent many.  I never knew or had met Liz as her tragedy occurred close to the time of my joining.  But I have been following the emails and stories and am very impressed with and thankful to all those club members who were active in their support.

Having ridden now for 37 years and having had 16 motorcycles without an accident, I often take time to consciously recognize that possibility with gratitude,  imagining vicariously the exact situation that happened to Liz and Greg.  The stories, articles, emails and efforts of those who championed this have done us all a service in  bringing to light the many sides of this whole tragedy- and dusting off those cob webs of complacency that can prevent us from being alert and safe while on the road.

Its a credit to this organization for this pursuit.  I am forwarding this issue on to my two brothers who both ride.  We meet in Albuquerque next month for a 4 day tour through Northern NM.  I am hoping this article sticks with them as it will with me as we embark on our little adventure. 

cheers to Starting Over!!



Article on the sentencing of the person who killed Liz Majors


 Sentence in Colorado M/C Fatality

Long time BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado member Liz Majors was run down
and killed while riding her BMW the evening of April 23, 2009.  Fifty one
weeks later her killer was sentenced to 6 years in the Colorado prison
system for her crime, the maximum sentence for the crime to which the
defendant had plead guilty.  "A Weld District Court Judge... sentenced an
Aurora woman to six years in prison for causing the death of an Arvada
woman while driving drunk last year. Judge Marcelo Kopcow ordered Valerie
Rudnik-Vagher, 50, be immediately taken to prison after a two-hour
sentencing hearing today before a packed courtroom of family and friends
of Elizabeth Majors, 51, who died a little more than an hour after
Rudnik-Vagher, while driving drunk, plowed into her motorcycle last April
on Interstate 25." Her attorney had argued for six months in jail, given
it was her first drinking and driving charge, but Kopcow said anything
less than a prison sentence in the case would depreciate the seriousness
of the crime. "Ms. Vagher's family will have had the benefit of being
there for her when she is in prison and after she gets out of prison,"
Kopcow said, adding that he though drinking and driving was a selfish act.
"Ms. Rudnik-Vagher, what is aggravating as a citizen, as a judge, and a
member of this community, is I don't know what it takes to put people on
notice how dangerous drinking and driving is. There's been a campaign
against since I was born." Rudnik-Vagher pleaded guilty in recent months
to vehicular homicide while driving reckless, which brought the sentencing
range down to a maximum of six years in prison vs. a potential of four to
12 years in prison. She also pleaded guilty driving while ability

Rudnik-Vagher told Colorado State Patrol troopers she had her Toyota
Corolla on cruise control set at 67 mph, and she ran into the motorcycle
Majors was driving. She then struck another motorcycle being driven by
Gregory Cocks, and then a Cadillac Deville, driven by Forrest Kelley. No
one else was injured in the crash.  Colorado Troopers performed roadside
sobriety tests on Rudnk-Vagher and noted she failed on several of the
tests. Troopers also found a box of wine beneath her seat at the scene.
She later tried to explain her alcohol content by stating that after the
crash, she had taken an Advil with some wine she had in the car.
Troopers took three samples of her blood, which later came back indicating
her blood alcohol level was at .076 an hour after the crash, dropping to
047 three hours later. Investigators determined that at the time of the
cash at about 10 p.m., she would have had a blood-alcohol level at .114.
In Colorado, drivers are presumed to be under the influence at .08.  After
she serves her sentence, Rudnik-Vagher will have to serve three years of
mandatory parole.

Gray Buckley
BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado



Memories below first by Greg Cocks, second by Roxanne Gartrell, both of whom were privileged to have spent time with Liz in her last hours.
Greg explains in his letter what the club intends to do in remembrance of Liz Majors.

As Greg explains Liz was an integral part of the club and what she sowed, she now shall reap in terms of recognition by this organization.
Others in suit will be recognized according to their contributions, those are the undeniable rules of life.
Jeff Galligan President BMW Motorcycle Club Of Colorado
I came to Colorado around a year and a half ago, joined the BMWMCC soon after - and immediately felt "at home." Once I got to know people, they invited me to not just ride with them - but celebrate Thanksgiving and New Years with them, come around for dinner (including Liz), share part of themselves with me, many things...

We lost Liz to a drunk driver as she was riding the bike she loved on a beautiful evening, and from that flowed an outpouring of support and love from all - not just for me because I was with Liz that night when she was killed - but for each other. I am certain that if, God forbid!, we loose another that outpouring and support will be just as deep & supportive - as it has been in the past I understand, before my time.

It has been awhile since I was in Sunday School, but one thing I do remember from that is (paraphrased) that "You reap what you sow..." Liz was one of those core members of the club that gave the club strength, just by being who she was, quick to laugh, slow to take offence - but also by taking Ladies rides & other things to get some females amongst us old male curmudgeons, being a bright spirit at Paonia which got people out of their seats to dance... and so very much more - she contributed, we respect that, miss that dreadfully - we can only hope to be a little like her... The club, through the board members, would like to recognize this contribution, and as such have a few things planned so that her spirit & example in some way stays with us. We have three major things in mind (i) the State has a program to fund road signs in people's memories, you may have seen them, and we are working with Liz's family to get a sign up at the accident scene, (ii) turning Liz's annual ride for Ladies Dual Sport into a road ride for charity, staffed by volunteers (as you may know, Liz's daughter Annie has cerebral palsy), and (iii) when we want to hang out with Liz at Paonia, planting a tree, with a bench - for all of us to take the moment to remember her fondly.

My words can not even approach the articulateness of another member, Roxanne Gartrell Eddins, past president of the club, co-owner with her husband Steve of 'Beemers & More', and a motorcycle rider & prompter extraordinary herself; her words are below... Thank you, GREG C.

Geezers go to Tennessee PDF Print

You're a 67-year old retiree with a bad back, a K1200LT, and have never ridden the Smokey Mountains. Would you suggest to a friend (who also has a bad back) "Let's take a 3,200 mile trip on a motorcycle to Deals Gap!"??? The answer any rational person would give is "NO!!”.  But I’ve never been known for making rational decisions when it comes to motorcycles.

The adventure started when I invited my friend Jerry to come to Colorado for the club (BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado) 100K ride in August of this year. Not wanting to ride the 600+ miles from Lawrence, KS to Longmont, CO in the late July heat, he rented a U-Haul trailer and brought his recently acquired 99 LT out for the ride. Along with his son-in-law (97 K1100LT) and another riding buddy (R75/6), we did the 100K and had a GREAT time. This was the first 300 + mile day Jerry had ridden on the LT and he really liked it. At our lunch stop in Kremmling, CO, I suggested we ride our LT’s to visit a mutual friend who lives in Eastern Tennessee and “do the Dragon”. Must have been euphoria caused by lack of oxygen but Jerry thought this might be possible. We decided on a date that worked for all parties and made plans.

One wrinkle occurred when my LT broke its throttle cables on a weekend ride with a couple who ride a full dress HD (much embarrassment and friendly ribbing followed). Replacement of the throttle cables was accomplished with minimal “blue” air, only two phone calls to my dealer, and relatively few comments about the ancestors of BMW’s engineering staff. Further comments about the latter were issued when testing revealed the cruise control didn’t work. If you have done this job you know what a PITA it is to change a defective micro-switch on the fuel rail of the LT. Not wanting to delay the trip, I purchased a Cramp Buster and made final plans!!

On a beautiful Friday morning with local temps in the high 50’s, I pointed the LT toward Lawrence and struck out across I-70. A lot of riders say I-70 across Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas is BOOOOOOOORING!! Yes, there is a lot of open space but I like it!! There are no trees next to the road to obscure the view and there is quite a bit to see and lots of time to think. As I ride the plains, the hardships the pioneers endured crossing the plains, walking, riding, and driving loaded wagons, is made crystal clear. Read any of several books written from the perspective of the women who made these westward trips if you would like a feel for what the journey was really like. I much prefer the 100 HP engine purring below and the one plus mile per minute verses the ten miles per day of the former travelers. My “crossing” consisted of stops for fuel, coffee, food, and bathroom breaks. Upon arrival in Lawrence, my friend had a COLD adult beverage ready!! While consuming the beverages we made final plans for the next days ride and called it a day. After a 600 plus mile day across the plains, I slept well.

We departed Lawrence at O’dark-thirty the following morning. A failed attempt at lunch in Columbia, MO, where MU had a home game, delayed us somewhat. We actually sat at one intersection for 20 minutes, no Bullshit!! The cooling fans on the LT do work. In the eight years and 42,000 miles I’ve owned the bike, this was the first time I’d heard them, it wouldn’t be the last time on this trip. On to St. Louis where we rode for over two hours in city traffic - I hate mega cities! When we finally stopped for a lunch break, a lady pulled in front of Jerry and he dropped his LT in the parking lot. Thanks to two strangers, who helped us right the bike, we were able to get lunch and a bit of fuel, because of the “spill proof” hoses we didn’t get a full tank. The individual who invented these gasoline nozzles should be dragged out in the street and publicly flogged!
 On into Illinois and Kentucky were super slab speeds and the beautiful country faded the memories of events in the mega city. Our planned stop at Paducah, KY was reached without further mishaps. The gods of traveling motorcyclist were smiling on us as it started raining just as we pulled under the motel awning. We celebrated by ordering delivery pizza to the room.

The following day at a Mickey D’s for coffee and breakfast we chatted with a gentlemen and his wife about motorcycle traveling. Turns out he and his wife ride a GoldWing and have traveled all over the US and Canada. Oh, did I mention he was a preacher? He promised to say a prayer for us to have a safe trip. Hey, we take all the help we can get!

The mid-day lunch/fuel stop occurred about two hours out of Knoxville, TN where Jerry pulled off the interstate at a nondescript exit and stopped in front of a small restaurant. Looked pretty “iffy” to me but he insisted we try it.



 The food was excellent home cooking and the homemade pies are baked there!! In fact our waitperson stated she baked the Apple pie earlier in the morning!! With that statement I had to try the Apple. Jerry chose the Chocolate. The meringue had tiny droplets of sugar on top which, according to him, is the mark of a superior pie! If you are ever in the area be sure and stop at the Rose Garden Restaurant for an excellent home cooked meal and GREAT pie! It is now in my Zumo as a favorite!

Following this excellent lunch and fuel stop, we rolled on Eastward and South of Knoxville to our friend’s home and base of operations for the next two days. Our friends live within a couple of hours of Deals Gap and the Cherohala Skyway and he proved to be an excellent tour guide and food service director. What can you say about the small out of the way bakery where we sat on the deck overlooking a beautiful stream and munched on homemade rolls and coffee, or the local brewery in Gatlinburg, or many of the other places we stopped for “breaks” and enjoyed the local cuisine.




We did the “Dragon” and so many other roads running along mountain streams, overhung by a canopy of trees that we were in sensory overload. All the roads we traveled were in excellent shape with lazy sweepers and beautiful scenery, with the exception of route 129 “the Dragon” nothing lazy about that road. This is beautiful country and tends to make one want to slow down and enjoy the quiet beauty of the area. However, we had schedules to keep, and taking a page from Ben Franklin’s “fish and visitors” after three days, early the third day we headed the LTs westward toward the Rose Garden for a breakfast stop. There was discussion of pie for breakfast but homemade biscuits and gravy, eggs and bacon won the toss. Don’t tell Jerry’s Cardiologists. The Pecan pie was hot and fresh, but we resisted the urge and made a fast exit before we could change our minds...but we have the location in the GPS.

 We had determined, on the trip out, we would avoid St. Louis at all cost, and to that end programmed the GPS for the shortest route to Cape Girardeau, MO., nice back roads with light traffic. The weather warmed into the high 80s which with the humidity proved to be rather uncomfortable unless you are moving. A stop in Cape Girardeau for a large milkshake was a nice cool down and gave us time to plan the next leg of the trip. Being too early in the day and too far from home we decided to press onward to Farmington, Mo. for the evening. This turned out to be a good decision as some of the secondary Missouri highways are excellent for motorcycling. With the exception of getting stopped several times for road construction (see above statement about the fans on the LT) the trip was very pleasant. We had made no advance reservations in Farmington so finding a new Holiday Inn express was a nice lagniappe. The hotel as with most good ones, allowed us to park the LTs under the portico and close to the front desk. With our dietary restrictions (I’m diabetic and Jerry has the heart thing) we chose a buffet style restaurant within walking distance of the hotel to end the day without riding. Before turning in for the evening, we watched the crisis on Wall Street unfold on CNN and went to sleep knowing we, as retirees, would be on the street as beggars when the trip was over.

The following morning after a nice hotel breakfast we started across Missouri toward KC and Engle Motors to pick up some parts for JD’s R100 Airhead he is rebuilding. Someone in the lead (me) missed the turn and we found ourselves in Jefferson City for lunch. North to Columbia (no ball game this time) and West on I 70 to KC for a parts stop. The guys at Engle looked at my LT and confirmed a bad micro-switch on the fuel rail for the cruise control. Not wanting to wait the 2-3 hours for the repair and with 2,800 miles without it, we rolled on to Lawrence, KS, and Jerry’s home for another cool beverage, shower and good nights sleep.

The next morning, again at O’darkthirty, I left Lawrence for the 600 plus mile run home. Jerry mentioned, as I pulled out of his drive, he felt as though he should be going with me. Riding alone after over a week as a duo felt strange and oddly lonesome. However, since I have ridden alone a lot over the years, it didn’t take long to settle into my “mile muncher” routine, ride, stop for gas, ride, stop for coffee and gas, ride stop for gas and bathroom break and ride some more. I used the Scala Rider Bluetooth/Zumo to talk with my wife, daughter, brothers, and anyone else I could think of during the solo jaunt across Kansas and Eastern Colorado. The weather was great with mild temps and light winds, most unusual for this time of year. As I said the trip home was uneventful with one exception, as I turned North on I-25 toward Longmont afternoon traffic was pretty heavy. An individual directly in front of me not paying attention as traffic suddenly came to a slow down, was driving too fast and slammed on his brakes without warning. Keeping my following distance and staying alert, I saw this and hit the brakes on the LT, however a cement tractor trailer behind me didn’t, and as I moved into the right lane within inches of the vehicle of the idiot, the cement truck blew past me at road speed inches from my right mirror. It was so close I felt the wind move the LT!! 3,200 miles and I almost died with 5 miles of my front door!! Thank you guardian angel and perhaps the preacher who said a prayer for us to have a safe trip.

 Final thoughts:  The Smokey Mountains offer some awesome riding experiences, but they are a long way from Colorado. I still prefer the mountains and western states for riding motorcycles but that is a personal preference. Will I go back? You bet!

How did the bikes perform? We had no problems, not even a flat tire. I had ridden the LT on long runs before but not a trip of this magnitude. I came away with a new respect for BMW’s and the LT in particular. In my not so humble opinion as an ass hauling long distance travel mount the LT has NO peer.

I have always said if you want to know the measure of an individual take a bike trip with them. Even though Jerry and I have been friends for over 30 years we had never really traveled together. I came home wanting to know "Where we are going next year?".

Don “Radar” Wreyford

News! PDF Print

Come Join Us!

Colorado Beemer membership means happy riding with good friends on great roads with clean corners, the wind at your back, good nourishment in your stomach, and the best camaraderie found anywhere! 
Every Saturday we get together at 8:00 am for coffee and eats with pick-up rides after. You do not have to be a member to come along and it doesn't matter what brand or style of bike you ride—you are WELCOME to join us!
Look for more details in your ride book -  printed copy and access to electronic copy provided wth paid membership.




Join Us For Breakfast on Saturday Mornings!

Every Saturday we get together at 8:00am for coffee and eats with organized and/or pick-up rides after.


We meet at the Red Rocks Grill in Morrison, CO Click HERE for a map.

You do not have to be a member. It doesn't matter what brand or style of bike you ride. You will be welcome to join us! If you are interested in learning more about our Club come on by and say hello! Click HERE for some pictures from a typical Saturday morning get-together. 

If you are planning to ride, please come with a full tank (there are 2 gas stations very close), appropriate gear for riding in the foothills, and be prepared for departure right after breakfast.

Join Us For Dinner Too ! Monthly Meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of the month at: Red & Jerry's  1840 W Oxford Ave  Sheridan, CO 80110 (303) 783-9724

Open for eats and chat at 5pm Presentation at 7pm




Colorado Beemer membership equates to happy riding with good friends, great roads to ride with clean corners, the wind at your back, good nourishment in your stomach and the best camaraderie to be found anywhere!

BBQ Run to Steamboat Springs PDF Print
On Saturday, June 16th, 2007, several club members met for the usual quick breakfast at Red Rocks Grill.  After some quick chat, it was decided to explore a spot for lunch.  Mike O suggested the group head up to Steamboat Springs for BBQ.  It didn't take much arm twisting and Mike lead a group of 9 riders towards US40.  3 Hours later and....well it's best to check out the pictures here .
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