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Monday, September 10, 2012
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BMW Lady

1954 - Pre ATGATT ! 

  Click HERE to go to the BMWMOA's Women's Forum Page. Lot's of good info there...


Ladies Ride to Old Colorado City, Colorado Springs



Ride to Old Colorado City -- by Suzanne Weston
On October 17th five ladies rode to Old Colorado City by way of Pine. It was a
fabulous ride, led by Deb Sauer, with perfect weather and roads, and Deb was the perfect ride leader.
We (Cathy Catrell, Dee Kline, Deb Sauer, Sharon Via, and moi) met at the Blue Sky Café in Lakewood - which we all recommend. Over an excellent breakfast (including blue corn pancakes with pine nuts), we discussed details of the ride and geared up.
Five is almost a perfect number of bikes for group riding, especially with like-minded riders. As it turned out, we were never separated by a red light the entire trip.
We rode from Lakewood through Morrison, Kittredge, Indian Hills, Pine, Deckers, and Woodland Park, to Old Colorado City, where we walked around and had a late lunch. Sharon and I came home to Parker by way of the Garden of the Gods and Hwy 83, and the other ladies boogied up I25 (or as much as the I25 "parking lot" would allow!).

Pictures Here 






 Click on the above picture to go to Gail Hatch's blog


page. It's a great


 view into a woman's idea of being a motorcyclist.




Long-time BMWMCC member Deb Lower waves to the camera after rolling


 up her 500,000th mile on BMW Motorcycles!


Way to go Deb! Half A Million Miles, WOW.


Photo courtesy of The Pikes Peak BMW Riders where Deb is currently


Club Secretary.



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