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BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado PDF Print

Club By-Laws Effective October 9, 2005


Article I - Name

This organization shall be known as the BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado.

Article II - Purpose

To provide an organization within which members can mutually enjoy motorcycling and related activities.

Article III - Membership

Sec. 1. Any person who agrees to support the stated purpose of the club may become a member.

Sec. 2. The membership categories shall be:

A. Solo membership, for an individual.

B. Family membership, for two or more persons in a family including any children up to the age of 16. Persons in the family under 16 years of age will be non-voting members.

Sec. 3. Membership in this organization will be granted by The Membership Coordinator, in response to a completed membership application and payment of appropriate dues and fees.

ARTICLE IV – Board of Directors

SEC. 1. The Board of Directors shall consist of: the president, the vice president, the secretary, the treasurer, the trustees, and the chairs of ad-hoc committees, including at least the social activities coordinator, the riding activities coordinator, the newsletter editor, the membership coordinator, and the rally master.

Article V - Dues and Fees

Sec. 1. Dues shall be suggested by the Board of Directors of the club based on keeping the club solvent, and passed by a majority vote of the members voting at the election meeting.

Article VI - Elections and Governance (Amended August 2006)

Sec. 1. The annual election shall be held in October and shall be announced in the August and September newsletters.

Sec. 2. The following officers shall be elected during the October election: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These elected officers shall serve one (1) year terms, beginning January 1 following the election.

Sec. 3. Any member 16 years of age or older may declare him/herself a candidate for a Board position in the September and/or October newsletter. Nominations will be accepted at the election. A ballot will be used for contested offices.

Sec. 4. The office of President shall be held only by a member who is also a BMW motorcycle owner and operator.

SEC. 5. Elections shall be held at the regular membership meeting on the second Monday in October. Each elective office shall be filled by a member 16 years of age or older receiving a majority vote of the members voting.

Sec. 6. Each member 16 years of age or older whose dues have been paid for the current year shall be qualified to vote. If a member cannot be present at the election, a written proxy can be sent, indicating that the member cannot be present for the specific meeting and that another specific member may cast the absent member’s vote.

Article Article VII – Board of Directors Members and Primary Duties

Sec. 1. The President shall:

A. Preside at all meetings of the Board and Club.

B. Appoint, with a confirming majority vote of the Board, the chairs and members of ad-hoc committees, including at least the Social Activities Coordinator, the Riding Activities Coordinator, the Newsletter Editor, the Membership Coordinator, and the Rally Master.

ImageC. Be the parliamentary authority on all procedures.

D. Maintain the master copy of the Bylaws.

E. Be the spokesperson for this organization in an official or executive capacity.

F. Provide information to the newsletter editor related to the above.

G. Coordinate club activities with other officers and members of the Board of Directors.

Sec. 2. The Vice President shall:

A. In the absence of the President, preside at meetings of the Board of Directors and the club.

B. Act in the capacity of the President if the President is unable to perform duties of that office, or resigns from office.

Sec. 3. The Social Activities Coordinator shall:

A. Maintain the calendar of all events and ensure that appropriate information is submitted to the Newsletter Editor for publication in a timely fashion.

B. Plan non-riding activities for the club.

C. Coordinate overnight club activities with the Riding Activities Coordinator.

Sec. 4. The Riding Activities Coordinator shall:

A. Maintain the calendar of riding events and ensure that appropriate information is submitted to the Social Activities Coordinator and the Newsletter Editor for publication in a timely fashion.

B. Plan riding activities of the club.

C. Coordinate overnight club activities with the Social Activities Coordinator.

Sec. 5. The Treasurer shall:

A. Prior to election submit to a Criminal Background Check, a Credit Check, and upon election ensure e-mail notifications of expenditures, as available through the financial institution, are transmitted directly to the Club President.

B. Maintain the bank accounts of the organization, Receive, receipt, record and report all moneys paid or received by this organization.

C. Prepare and present financial reports for publication in the Newsletter.

Sec. 6. The Secretary shall:

A. Prepare the minutes of meetings of the Board OF DIRECTORS and the club.

B. The secretary shall be the registered agent for the club and be responsible for filing the corporate report to the Secretary of State.

Sec. 7. The Trustees:

A. The Trustees shall be the three (3) most immediate past presidents of the club if they maintain membership in the club, their term of office being three (3) years each.

B. The Trustees shall provide for an orderly transition of officers and ensure the transfer of documents and signature authority to the new officers after each election and provide each newly elected officer with a copy of the Bylaws of the club.

C. In the event of a vacancy of more than one Trustee, the President shall fill the vacancy by appointment, with a confirming majority vote of the Board of Directors, for the remainder of the term being filled.

Sec. 8. The Newsletter Editor shall:

A. Gather and edit information for publishing in the monthly newsletter.

B. Distribute or mail the newsletter to each member.

C. Deliver all bills related to the newsletter to the Treasurer for payment or reimbursement.

D. Mail the newsletter to non-club members if it will further club objectives.

E. Maintain a commercial advertising policy.

Sec. 9. The Rally Master shall:

A. Plan the annual Top O’ the Rockies Rally with club members.

B. Enlist the help of club members for tasks required to conduct the Rally.

C. Collect all money and pay all bills related to the Rally.

D. Present financial reports related to the Rally.

E. Submit reports of the Rally to be published in the newsletter.

F. Maintain the Rally bank account.

Sec. 10. The membership coordinator shall:

a. Keep accurate membership records and prepare mailing labels for the newsletter editor.

b. Grant official membership in the organization to new members including presenting membership card and badge.

c. Administer membership renewal and recruitment efforts.

Sec. 11. Any member of the Board of Directors who chooses to resign must submit that resignation to the Board of Directors in writing. If the position is other than the President, the Board of Directors shall appoint a replacement. In the absence of a written resignation, a majority vote of the Board of Directors shall be sufficient to document the position vacancy.

Article VIII – Ad-Hoc Committees

Sec. 1. The President shall appoint, with a confirming majority vote of the Board of Directors, chairpersons and members of committees necessary to assure the club meets its purpose as stated in Article II.

Article IX - Business Meetings

Sec. 1. Business meetings can be called at any time by announcement in the Newsletter by the President or BY any two members of the Board of Directors.

Sec. 2. All changes in the Bylaws, replacement of officers, and other matters of major importance to the club shall be decided at business meetings.

Sec. 3. A business meeting is valid only if it is announced in the Newsletter prior to the meeting, stating the time, location and primary agenda items.

Sec. 4. The number of members attending the meeting shall be considered a quorum.

Article X - Top o’ the Rockies Rally

Sec. 1. Top O’ the Rockies Rally is a registered trade name of the BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado.

Sec. 2. The Rally will be held on a weekend in July of each year.

Sec. 3. The Rally will be open to BMW riders and guests, and all members of the club.

Sec. 3. All rally attendees, including members of the club who work on the rally, will pay the regular rally fees, except in special circumstance as determined by the rally coordinator.

Article XI - Club Mailing Address

Sec. 1. The official mailing address of the club is: P.O. Box 742, Morrison, CO 80465-5742.

ImageArticle XII - Club Bank

Sec. 1. The club bank will be designated by the Treasurer, with the consent of the President.

Article XIII - Affiliations

If the club affiliates with any organization, it automatically implies the following:

Sec. 1. The club will promote individual membership with the affiliate.

Sec. 2. The President will provide the affiliate with information regarding club activities for inclusion in their publication.

Sec. 3. The club will cooperate with affiliate activities.

ARTICLE XIII - Dissolution

If the BMW Motorcycle Club Of Colorado is dissolved for any reason approved by the Board of Directors, all assets shall be distributed to one or more registered Colorado nonprofit organizations and/or registered 501(c)(3) organizations designated by the board. 

copyright 2007-2008 BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado
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