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Monday, August 27, 2012
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Colorado Beemers Motorcycle Club Members Page

This page is for informing current members of the Colorado Beemers on the status and managing of their membership.

Note: The  Colorado Beemers Motorcycle Club of  will not share our members' personal information with anyone for any reason commercial or otherwise. When you renew via PayPal, the club does NOT see ANY financial data, only the fact that a transfer occurred on PayPal.

Club policy regarding Membership Expiration dates:  For the sake of reducing expense to the club, a large amount of on-going volunteer labor and an administration headache, all of our memberships expire December 31.  Renewal after Labor Day will expire at the end of the following calendar year. Click the link on the bottom of this page to renew your membership using PayPal.

Free / Complimentary trial memberships are offered through certain motorcycle dealers upon purchase of certain motorcycles, and do not receive all of the benefits of paid membership.  These complimentary memberships will expire on the same schedule as paid memberships, which may be less than twelve months.  These members will receive full access to the member resources on our website, and email copies of monthly newsletters and announcements.  These members will NOT receive a club name badge and printed copy of the annual ride book until they choose to renew with a paid membership.

If you would like to pay by check, please print out this Membership Form and mail it along with your check to:

Colorado Beemers Motorcycle Club 
P.O. Box 742
Morrison, CO 80465-5742

Register or Renew Online Here!



Dear fellow Colorado Beemers Member,

You are probably aware that all memberships expire at the end of the calendar year, December 31st.
Please take a moment to open this link and re-up your annual membership with your club.
If you would prefer to prefer to print out a form and mail it in, please open and print out the membership form:Membership Form and mail it along with your check to the address indicated on the form.

Thank you for your continued support of this fine organization. We are all looking forward to the year ahead.

The Ride Book committee is busy developing the 2011 Ride Book, which is once again chock full of great rides and social events designed to provide you with quality recreation throughout the coming year.

The reasonable club membership fee is a true bargain considering what you receive in return. Even if you do not go on many of the organized club rides,  the "In the Wind" newsletter is a fantastic publication designed to keep you informed. The newsletter often includes wonderful motorcycling adventure stories written by our own members. The ITW also offers free classified advertising to members for motorcycle related items.

The club provides monthly Dinner Meetings at Red and Jerry's offering interesting speakers and an opportunity to socialize with fellow members.

Another benefit to club members is the 10% discount offered by BMW of Denver, and Foothills BMW, Northern Colorado Euro Motorcycles, Moto Gear Outlet and others for the many parts and accessories that they sell. (Specific limitations may apply.) Several members have saved a lifetime of club memberships with these discounts!

The "Beemers and Bears" camp out and the "Volunteer Appreciation Picnic" provide free food, drink and musical entertainment to members who attend.

The list of benefits goes on but the real value of affiliation in this organization is the social contacts that we all can make as a result of our membership. Over the years many people have developed close friendships with fellow members. Some of my closest friends are the result of my affiliation with the club. I know of several people who have acquired jobs through their club contacts. While the club is certainly not a dating service several members have met their mates, and in some cases even married fellow club members.

Back to riding... the written purpose of the club, through your affiliation in this organization you will likely ride to places and experience things that you would have never had an opportunity to ride to or experience without the influence of the Colorado Beemers Motorcycle Club and it's members. These can be life altering, or in the least life enhancing experiences.

So dig deep,  cough up the very reasonable $25.00 membership fee for an individual or $35.00 for a couple today. This is one of the best investments that you can make to enhance your life's experience!

Thank you and see you soon.

                                                                         Greg Cocks
President                                                         Membership Chairman 




A new optional service from your Club

We are looking at providing a new email service to club members who decide that they would like to receive them. It will allow members to receive consolidated information from vendors without directly subscribing to their sites.  

Your club would subscribe to each of the local vendors and receive their notices of events, sales, specials, celebrities, and seminars, consolidate them, and send you a one or two paragraph email, two to three times a month maximum. This would include the dealers and vendors that support the club in so many things (such as on the recent Liz Majors Memorial Ride) 

The emails would not be voluminous, but would outline the events and allow you to go to their web sites or store for more information. The email would be sent by a club officer; the vendors would NOT have access to your email address (the Colorado Beemers Motorcycle Club shares emails with no one, not even other members).

You would have to ask to be on this 'vendor events' email. At any time you wish, you can get off the 'dealer & vendor events' email list immediately by requesting it through 

Interested? If you would like to be on this 'dealer & vendor events' email list, please let us know by sending an email directly to 

Any comments you might have will also be gratefully received... same email address... 


Greg Cocks,   Membership Chairman

copyright 2007-2008 BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado
Website developed by Motorrad Media and InterBax
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