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Pass Bagger 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 PDF Print

ImageThe Pass Bagger 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 is an effort by the BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado to promote riding your motorbike to the many, many beautiful areas of Colorado connected by roads that "Pass" over the impressive mountain ranges.  The recoginition of 100, 150, and 200 passes 'bagged' was added January 1, 2011.



Pass Bagger success!


The year 2010 was a successful one for those seeking faint fame by bagging more than 50 passes in Colorado. The Pass Bagger contest is alive and well with 5 members achieving their goal last year. . Their names have been added to the “all-time” list of finishers on the Pass Bagger page.The Club now has 25 finisher's of the Pass Bagger since 2004.

For those of you who have not signed up yet, these and the other finishers will tell you that the chase is a ton of fun and encourages you to get out and ride all over our beautiful state.  Sign up is easy, but contact Dennis O’Neil if you have questions.


Riders may choose any 50 of the 193 passes available on paved and dirt roads within Colorado so long as the pass appears on a published map.  The contest is perpetual and not year-specific, so contestants may take as long as they want or need to complete all 50 passes.  

The Pass Bagger 50 ride requires official registration and payment of $15.00 per person ($30.00 for 2-up) for which the registrant will receive an instructional packet and pass accumulation booklet.   The registrant must then ride to the top of 50 different Colorado mountain passes of their own choosing at their own pace and schedule, and document the accomplishment with a photograph of themselves, their bike, and the sign or equivalent located at the top of each pass.

Passes can be all on pavement, or off-road, or a combination of some of each.  

If you want to learn a lot more about the Pass Bagger 50 go HERE ( to Randy Bishops great web page which includes a comprehensive spreadsheet listing about 500 Colorado mountain passes.  The page also includes about 200 additional pages, each with photos and information about passes we've bagged around Colorado and other states.

Upon completion, the rider must then turn in the completed pass booklet indicating the names of the 50 passes and the dates completed, with photographs, to the Pass Bagger 50 Coordinator.  The Coordinator will authenticate the pass completions and certify eligibility for the award.

Those who successfully complete the contest will be awarded an official Pass Bagger 50 pin, hat with patch and special recognition at a monthly dinner meeting.

To sign up for the Pass Bagger 50 mail your check to:


P.O. Box 742

Morrison, CO 80465-5742


Info and Coordinator:
Dennis O’Neil 303-279-4831


Pass Bagger Hall Of Fame!

Rider's who have successfully ridden to the top of at least 50 Colorado Passes.


Mike Rand

Carl Thomte


Nichole Friel

Scott Chew


Randy Bishop

Jim Hoffman

Gregory Smith

Troy and Bonnie Corrigan

Bob Coen


  Mike Lowimore

  George Podsobinski

  Matt McCabe

  Ed Padalinski



  Jefferey Foster
  Wayne Mathis
  Stephen Ortega 
  James Wimbertley



  Greg Dewitt

  Walter Buckholtz

  Tom Ingram



  Nick and Judy Greear

  Karst Postma

  Mike Lorang

  Paul Shushan

  Mike Zablocki



  Paul Shushan (150) 

  Carl Thomte (150) 

  Karst Postma   (100)

  Randy Bishop   (100)

  Judy Bygott   (50)

  Rochelle Chartier   (50)









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