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Monday, August 27, 2012
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Rider Safety
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Included in this area will be items of interest to members regarding the SAFE operation of their motorbike. Subjects will include articles and references to safe riding techniques and tips, group riding, mountain riding hazards, city riding hazards, personal medical suggestions, and everything about the gear you may want, and why.

We urge you to submit items of interest that may benefit club members. For the most part, we will point to some of the many excellent sources of information on the internet, but with the experienced riders we have in the club (several RTW riders, international tour leaders, multi-continent riders, and Iron Butt Association members) there is no reason we should not have a top notch safety section on our top notch club web site. Won't you help build it? Thanks!


  Excellent article on urban commuting  

This article first appeared in 1995, but is every bit accurate and sound today. Ride Safe, Please!

  The Pace

Attached is an article that has been used and reused and ignored and then ignored again since 1991 when it was first published by Motorcyclist Magazine. The author, Nick Ienatsch, has gained motorcycle community icon status with this tome, and went on to author two excellent riding instruction books that should be on every motorbiker's table top, and commited to memory for use on the street, on the track, and on your neighbor's cow path. They are very good.

 This article concerns "The Pace". The BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado rides this way. Everyone rides at their own pace, and still arrives in time to uberstuff themselves at lunch. Click HERE to open "The Pace". Please read and take this article to heart. It is a recipe for enjoying your bike here in Colorado and with your fellow club members. Ride on....

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