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Monday, August 27, 2012
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Top O' The Rockies Rally FAQ's PDF Print

 Top O' The Rockies Rally FAQ's 2012 Rally

Is The Rally limited to only BMW motorcycles?

Not at all. All makes are very welcome as long as they are QUIET! Please be careful and courtious  when riding in the area of Paonia. These are great people who live there and look forward to our visit each summer. Let's be good guests!


What’s the weather like in Paonia at that time of year?

The temp can get well into the 90's during the day, but with very low humidity. Bring SUNSCREEN! Afternoon thunderstorms are always a possibility, but usually pass quickly.  Nights get cool at the 6000 foot elevation.  If you would like to view current and forecast conditions:

What’s the camping like?

The main camping area is the City Park and in typical BMW rally style, there are no individual campsites. The park has many large trees and is quite shady. At the request of the town of Paonia we notify you that is against law to bring glass containers into the park. Glass beer bottles, wine bottles etc. are not allowed as the park is host to many activities in the summer and broken glass has been a problem in the past. Campers with glass bottles in the park will be asked by Security personell to dispose of them, Those who do not will be asked to leave. (Please use a plastic cup)

Also for the third great year Sherpa Packer will be renting tents, with Chair Rentals and Towel Service available to all campers at the Rally.


They sold out last year so if you like to travel light click HERE to reserve your tent or to learn more about Sherpa Packer.

Sani-Serv will be returning this year as our Porta-Pottie provider with 20 new units, 16 arranged around the perimeter of the Park, including sanitizing lotion, wash stations, and regular cleanings. There are 2 showers each in the men’s and women’s bathrooms at the Teen Center. You will find better shower facilities located at the High School about 3/4 of a mile away from the Park.  The quiet camping is also located at the High School, although camping on the far side of the football field (located adjacent to the Park) may be acceptable to some. The camping at the City Park Rally Site has more people, live music at the bandstand, and the American Legion Beer Garden, which means it’s "a bit" ok "quite a bit" noisier.  Please plan accordingly.

I don't camp. What's the lodging like in the area?

There are a few motels and B&B's in the town of Paonia itself and more in Hotchkiss about 10 miles away. Some facilities are newer, some older and they all usually fill up during the Rally so make you're reservations well in advance. Click HERE to go to a list of motels and B&B's in the area.

I just want to stop by for a couple hours to check out the bikes and vendors, why do I have to register and pay?

Events like our Rally take a lot of money to put on. Many thousands of dollars actually. This is not a for-profit event and the club donates most of the proceeds to deserving charities in the Paonia area. Like any event if it consistently loses money, it will go away. Also there is the concern about security. There are literally millions of dollars of motorcycles, accessories, and equipment at the rally site. We need to know that the people who are there belong there.

Our security is generously provided by the great folks from The TBA. They will check for wristbands and anyone without one will be asked to register or leave the rally site.

Your wristband!! Ver is your wristband??

Is there anything I should know about riding in the area?

Yes, watch for DEER, DEER and more DEER!  It seems every year a few riders have encounters with Bambi. The roads in the area are great but in many places the trees and brush grow right to the edge of the shoulder and you never know what will step out into the road! Also forget about the old axiom of watching out for DEER only early in the morning or in the evening. You may encounter DEER at any hour of the day or night, but then the wild life (pun intended) is one of the reasons you come to this rally.

What’s the Rally location like?

The Rally has been held for over 20 wonderful years in Paonia, Colorado. A modest sized ranching community in western Colorado. The good folks who make Paonia their home are the nicest you will find anywhere and look forward to our coming every year. Let's be good guests! The Rally site is right in town and grocery stores; ATM's and most anything you may need are within walking distance of the park.  Fourty-one captioned pictures of the Park HERE .

How many attend the Rally?

For the last 5 years it has been right around 1000. Some years more, some less.

Can I arrive early?

If you intend to camp at the park, you can arrive no earlier then Wednesday July 11 th after 5pm please. The park is not available to the club before that due to routine maintenace and watering by the city.  However, there are nearby State & National Parks (This is a link to nearby State & National Parks).

Can I get tires, oil changes and service done at the Rally?

We are still attempting to loacte a dealer to perform Tire and Oil Changes, please plan accordingly.  This post will be updated should circumstances change.  If you need service before the Rally, please click HERE for a list of BMW dealers and shops in Colorado.

I have a cell phone. Will it work at the Rally site?

Many of us who have been to the Rally a number of times have taken our cell phones and have been able to get a decent signal most of the time. The last few years ATT service worked well in the park area but Verizon customers had to ride a bit southwest of town to get a signal.  Check your providers coverage maps HERE.
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